Nat Kringoudis talks about Travel Essentials


Travel – sometimes it’s all for the fun and at other times it’s more about getting the job done. Whatever your reason for being on the move, it can be extremely demanding, especially amplified during winter. If your travel is for pleasure you’re not exempt. Jet lag can strike at anytime. We may take the…

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Nat Kringoudis talks about Winter Colds and Flu


Try as we might to escape it, winter is well and truly here and with it brings, coughs, colds and sniffles that come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst your symptoms may differ, we know there is a single super hero that’s at your ready, to treat all variations of head and chest congestion –…

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Brittany Noonan talks about why Pure is Best.


I am no beauty blogger and I am definitely not a skin care expert but I do have a passion overall wellness for our minds & bodies and our skin and personal care and that of our kids should be included in that.   To be honest when Pure Papaya connected me to collaborate with…

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Nat Kringoudis talks about Toxins and Hormones


Each and every day, without even realizing, the majority of us follow the same routine.  For some of us it involves a shower, breakfast, a quick brush of the teeth and we’re out the door, ready to hit the ground running.  For others there’s maybe scrubbing and grooming with more lotions and potions involved.  Chances…

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