Papaw Ointment

There’s nothing like Pure Papaya Ointment.

Pure Papaya Ointment has all the healing benefits of paw paw but is also formulated with high concentrations of only 100% natural, skin friendly ingredients, that replenish and repair dry, damaged skin. There’s nothing artificial, synthetic or unnatural in Pure.



Soothe, Moisturise and Protect SKIN with PURE.
Pure Papaya Ointment will help provide relief from many skin ailments and conditions. Pure Papaya Ointment is an ultra rich, nourishing formula packed with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes to soothe, restore and protect your skin.

Daniel Baden ND

As a naturopath with nearly 30 years experience I witnessed first hand the unwanted long term effects of personal care products that contained harsh chemicals…….and that’s why I created Pure.

‘Pure’ is essentially a product of nature.